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Divorce is never easy, but there are things that can be done to make it easier. Your choice of a divorce attorney matters. Most people going through a divorce have never been through the process before. Your attorney is your adviser and guide at every step of your divorce, giving you the information you need to make the choices that affect your future.

Our Approach to Michigan Divorce

Your marriage is unlike any other. Your divorce should also be unique, reflecting and meeting the needs of your family. What was right for your cousin or neighbor might not be right for you. At Paul S. Kowal, P.C., we are committed to providing you with a variety of divorce options, including litigation, settlement, divorce mediation, and Collaborative Divorce. We will listen to you, ask questions, help identify your needs, and explain each type of divorce process and how it might work for you. Together, we will create a "road map" for your divorce.

We do not believe in a "one size fits all" divorce process. While many Michigan law firms offer only a litigation option for divorce, we think it is essential to offer you a variety of choices so that your divorce process can be tailored to your needs. Our work addresses all issues in your divorce, including child custody and support, spousal support (alimony), property division, and more.

Once we have determined the best process for your divorce, your attorney will help you to make decisions proactively, rather than reacting to something done by your spouse or the judge. Having some control over your divorce and knowing what to expect will help to reduce your stress. Being actively involved in your divorce, rather than simply having a judge or lawyer tell you what to do, will also help you to be more satisfied with the outcome.

At Paul S. Kowal, P.C., we understand that protecting your financial interests is an important part of your divorce. Not only are we strong advocates for your needs, but we also have the experience to advise you well and to operate efficiently to keep your legal costs under control. We believe in proceeding cooperatively, reducing conflict and cost, unless the other side is unwilling to work toward a positive resolution.

Experienced Macomb County Divorce Attorney

Attorney Paul Kowal has over thirty years of experience in Michigan family law, including all types of divorce processes. He has extensive experience with the Macomb County and Oakland County courts, as well as with divorce mediation and Collaborative Divorce. Paul S. Kowal, P.C. is dedicated to advocating firmly for our clients' interests in the context of a divorce process that is best suited to their individual needs.

Paul S. Kowal, P.C. in Utica, Michigan, serves divorce clients throughout Macomb County and eastern Oakland County. We invite you to contact our law office to schedule a consultation to discuss your divorce litigation needs.

Michigan Divorce FAQ

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In-Court Divorce

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Out-of-Court Divorce

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